Reduit Beach

Reduit Beach

Reduit Beach is situated on the northern end of St. Lucia, on the shores of Rodney Bay, flanked to the east by the town.

It’s a great place to spend the day relaxing on the soft sand or trying out one of the many water sports activities there are to do. Although it gets busy at peak times, there is a lot of beachfront to spread out on so it’s never too packed, even when cruise ships are stopped on the island.

Its location places the beach close enough to a lively town center for convenience but far enough to feel like a remote tropical paradise. 

How To Get To Reduit Beach

If you arrive to St. Lucia via a cruise ship at Point Seraphine or are staying in the city of Castries, you’re around a 20-minute taxi ride to Reduit Beach. It’s also around 10 minutes away from Gros Islet. 

You can arrange a ride at the port entrance and potentially through your cruise provider during your stop. Better rates are available for groups and round-trip shuttles. 

Likewise, if you’re traveling independently, you can charter a taxi or shuttle ride for a reasonable rate from any side of the island. You can use the Gros Islet Highway if you’re using a rental car.

It’s worth noting that unless you sailed in or are staying at one of the nearby resorts, you’ll likely be out of walking distance from Reduit Beach. However, we still recommend the drive to get here since it’s one of the most fun things to do in St. Lucia.

Beach Facilities

Reduit Beach Facilities

Since Reduit Beach is a fairly popular spot in St. Lucia, there are plenty of beach facilities near the entrance. There are also some beach bars and restaurants along the shore.

Parking is provided with a large public lot directly behind the beach. When cruise ships are in, this parking lot can fill up quickly on busy days. As is the case with many hot spots around the island, show up early to get yourself a place with shade under the trees.

There is limited street parking just outside the entrance to the beach, but be mindful of any posted signs since some belong to private residences and businesses.

There are local vendors and stores that provide beach chairs, umbrellas, and water sports equipment rentals since this area thrives on the tourist economy.

Beach Activities

Reduit Beach shade under trees

If you decide to get out and do some snorkeling at Reduit Beach, you’ll be treated to a beginner’s paradise as far as conditions are concerned. The shallow waters stretch well into the harbor and the whole bay is teeming with life. It’s easy to spot a full rainbow worth of tropical fish, crabs, and the occasional eel.

Although it’s not the most exciting spot for snorkeling in St. Lucia, it’s ideal for beginners or visitors with children due to the soft, sandy bottom and easy shore access. 

Snorkeling enthusiasts may want to check out more exciting scenery in other areas like Marigot Bay and Pigeon Island. Here it’s possible to find sea turtles from the shallow turquoise waters. Just avoid harming coral which is crucial to the local environment. 

There are various opportunities for sailing, fishing, and scuba diving tours that can be arranged by the various vendors near Rodney Bay Marina. There are also jet ski rentals right on the beach. 

Charter a day’s worth of adventures and close out with an amazing sunset at the beach.

Nearby Attractions

There are plenty of things to do near Reduit Beach and one of those is the Splash Island Water Park, located on the north end of the beach. This on-the-water park is part bounce castle, part raft, part rock climbing wall, and all fun for children and adults.

If you’re looking for a round of golf, head just up the road and play at the Sandals Golf and Country Club or Point Hardy Golf Club for a truly remarkable golf course.

Just across Rodney Bay to the north of Reduit Beach, you can visit Pigeon Island National Park and hike the several hiking trails which weave through dense forests, valleys, and oceanside cliffs.

Hike up to Signal Peak for a breathtaking view of St. Lucia or down to Fort Rodney, the ruins of an old fort with stone walls and canons still intact.

Nearby Accommodations and Restaurants

The dining and accommodations near Reduit Beach are abundant and world-class. There are two highly-rated hotels directly on the beach that offer great value and put you steps away from the water. Check out Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa at the north end and Mystique St. Lucia in the middle.

Moving just a little away from the beach, you’ll find Harbor Club St. Lucia, Coco Palm Resort, and a veritable boatload of independently run villas, townhomes, and cottages to suit where you want to stay. 

If you want a bite or a drink, check out Spinnaker’s Beach Bar and Carvery toward the north or Marie’s Fish Shack to the south. Venturing out from the beach you can find barbecue at Bambooze, Indian cuisine at Razmataz, or French cuisine at Jacques Waterfront Dining. 

The amount of restaurants and bars available near Reduit Beach is incredible and you’re never far from a good night out. 

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