20 Best Things To Do In St. Lucia

There are many activities you can do on a fun vacation in St. Lucia. Whether you’re staying here for a couple of days, a week, or even months, the beautiful island always has places to explore and adventures to go on.

St. Lucia is purported to be one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands. I can honestly say that the hype is all true, and it’s one of the best places for an unforgettable Caribbean holiday!

Here is a complete guide on the best things to do in St. Lucia, covering everything from the best hikes, beaches, waterfalls, places to eat, and other unique attractions the island is known for. 

Soufriere Sunset Cruise

Things To Do In St. Lucia

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

You can find the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens towards the west end of St. Lucia. It’s within walking distance of many all-inclusive resorts in this part of St. Lucia. It’s a working port town, and many of the residents are part of the tourism industry, which fuels the island’s economy. 

Diamond Falls

This is not an affluent town with designer boutiques or glittering gift shops, but you will find a Massy grocery store and some other shops with useful items. You can enjoy the beautiful flowers and waterfall at the popular Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens & Mineral Baths.

The botanical gardens present a variety of plants that are lush and well-labeled. We visited in the morning, and it was not busy, although more people arrived as we left. I suggest going in the morning before it gets crowded.

Diamond Falls Botanical Garden

Soufriere Drive-In Volcano

The Soufriere Drive-In Volcano is an interesting and unusual attraction in the town. Many tours can bring you here but visitors are able to easily come on their own. When you buy a ticket, a guide joins you in the car. They lead you to the parking spot and explain everything along the way.

Drive in Volcanoe

The booth to buy the tickets and the parking are all inside the collapsed volcano, so the feeling is quite otherworldly. It was hard to believe we were still in lush St. Lucia while standing in this barren moonscape. 

You can see boiling mud pools and notice a very strong sulfur odor. The guides know everything about the geological history of the site and can answer all of the questions anyone might have.

Kayaking Tour

One of the best experiences we can recommend is kayaking in clear bottom boats with Tropical Kayak Adventures. We booked the tour directly on their website before we came to the island. The package includes lunch at the Beacon Restaurant although you can opt out of it. 

Kayaking Tour St Lucia

We met our guide Yohance at Soufriere Beach Park. He was really sweet, and along with his young assistant, stays with you every step of the way. When you set out in the clear bottom kayak, you can see fish swimming right beneath which is a new way to experience observing sea life. 

Kayaking on the Caribbean Ocean can be pretty tiring since the water is so active, but it’s a lot of fun. The kayaking tour takes you to bat cave, a narrow opening in the rock near the shore chock full of bats. 

You can also snorkle around an old fishing boat. The coast from a kayak makes for a beautiful sight. There are several other places and tours for kayaking in St. Lucia you can sign up for too. The island also has scuba diving and boating tours if you’re interested.

Snorkeling at Sugar Beach

You can either book a snorkeling trip to Sugar Beach that leaves right from Soufriere Beach Park or go to it yourself. The guide meets you right there in the park and leads you to a boat that leaves from the dock.  

Sugar Beach

This was our first time seeing the Pitons from the water, and it was spectacular! There are beautiful fish at Sugar Beach, including a family of squid. You can bring your own snorkeling masks and fins or ask the tour guide.

While snorkeling, there were also needlefish and many other fish of various sizes and colors. If you enjoy observing life under the sea, this is a great excursion to go on in St. Lucia.

Dinner at Seashells Restaurant

The Seashells Restaurant is just a few minutes walk from many resorts on this side of St. Lucia and offers an incredible sunset right on the beach. It’s an open-air restaurant so you’re really at one with the natural setting. 

Seashells Restaurants

The food was fine, nothing really to write home about, but the view and warm breeze are so enchanting that we didn’t notice or care. Walking back to the resort is not without effort as you’re going uphill, and the incline is relentless until you reach the room. 

That being said, we didn’t mind the walk and certainly taxis are available and easy to arrange transportation to and from the Seashells Restaurant.

See The Fishing Village of Laborie

Visit the picturesque fishing village of Laborie. The Bay of Laborie is beautifully situated and offers magnificent sights. It’s a simply paradisiacal place and you can even watch a fisherman preparing his catch right on the beach. Beautifully small, colorful houses and villas line the bay, bordering a very nice sandy beach, Laborie Beach, with many palm trees.

Laborie Beach

Behind Laborie, but before the village of Choiseul, is Piaye Beach. An incredibly beautiful natural and secluded beach. The Just A Chill Beach Bar and Grill is a great stop for drinks and food right on the beach. The Piaye River flows directly into the sea here. You can find horseback riding lessons and tours that involve riding in salt water and fresh water, which we highly recommend.

Piaye Beach

Tree to Bar at Hotel Chocolat

The Tree to Bar experience at Hotel Chocolat was one of the highlights of our trip. You can book online through Viator to reserve ahead of time. We decided to just wing it and drove over around lunchtime, and we were able to pay for us as a couple.

Tree to Bar

If you opt for the full experience, it includes lunch which is delicious and exceeded our expectations by quite a bit. I had grilled mahi, and my husband had chicken roti along with some incredible plantain chips. The chocolate milkshakes, which are customizable in regards to the percentage of cacao, are not part of the included lunch but are well worth it.

The tour itself is wonderful. You get to walk through the Rabot Estate, learning about how the cacao pods grow and all of the steps that are taken before they get to their final chocolate bar form. This tour experience has been well thought out and organized by Hotel Chocolat. 

They have really considered everything, down to the cool washcloths infused with cacao essence to refresh you after the walk through the estate. The tour is quite participatory, with hands-on experiences every step of the way. They even let you graft (and name!) a cacao tree. 

Making the chocolate was more effortful than I expected, and the guides are excellent in explaining each step clearly and encouraging everyone. There is a gift shop on site with lots of different products, including cacao-infused soaps/lotions in addition to a large selection of chocolate bars. You can opt to have lunch before or after the chocolate-making tour or book it without lunch.

Latille Waterfall

The Latille Waterfall is an absolute Caribbean gem. Not overrun by visitors and lowkey, this waterfall can be found in a somewhat hidden spot on the east coast, very close to the village of Micoud. 

From the south or north, drive along the east coast on the Micoud Highway. At the end of the village of Micoud, turn onto Mahaud Road. A sign of Latille Waterfall will now guide you until you get there.

LaTille Waterfall

There is then a small, good 5-minute, developed descent through the rainforest until you can catch a glimpse of this wonderful waterfall. Bathing at the waterfall is also possible and is a fantastic experience. 

A very friendly Rastafarian who lives here and lovingly cares for the preservation of this wonderful place receives a fee of 20 EC per person. After you have enjoyed your time at the Micoud waterfall, you can still linger in the surroundings, with a small natural spa with fish, which is available for free.

Lunch at Beacon Restaurant

The Beacon Restaurant is further up the road and at a much higher elevation from the beach which gives you a wonderful view of the whole area. We had a full run of the buffet as part of the tour package. The quality of the food is outstanding and much better than you would expect from a buffet. The breadfruit salad was a highlight for me. 

Beacon Restaurant View

There are a lot of locals (as well as tourists) that eat here, and many locals come with their entire families to celebrate birthdays and big events. They have a large seating area and can accommodate a lot of people at once. It’s a good place to have lunch if you’re traveling with a big group.

Tet Paul Nature Trail

Tet Paul Nature Trail is an exciting activity for anyone who wants to experience the scenery without doing anything too strenuous. The Gros Piton Hike (which lasts four hours) is another option that’s a bit more intense and most of the people we met who did it were all much younger than us. We didn’t want to physically exhaust ourselves so we choose the Tet Paul Trail instead which is more low-key. 

Tet Paul Piton View

This hiking trail comes with a guide when you buy the tickets, and the guide we got has lived in that area for her entire life and was very knowledgeable about the trees and plants on the hike. 

She was five months pregnant and making her third climb of the day while wearing flip-flops, so that tells you it’s not that strenuous. The hike takes about 45 minutes to complete. Definitely bring water and be prepared to ascend a lot of stairs!

There are three different lookout points and all of them are gorgeous. This was my personal favorite activity of the entire vacation.

Tet Paul Lookout

Choiseul For Arts and Crafts

Take a trip to Choiseul. Choiseul and its surroundings are also called the “cradle of handicrafts” on the island. It’s the traditional arts and crafts area of St. Lucia where wonderful handicrafts are made. It’s a real pleasure to discover the many different pottery, basketry, and also other remarkable items.

Choiseul Arts and crafts

Of course, you can also buy them and take them back home as souvenirs. Directly in Choiseul, on the right-hand side, about 1 km after passing the oldest school on the island (built 1834) and the cute Anglican church, The Riviere Doree Grace Church, you will find Keramik Saint Lucia.

You can watch the owner make her art. In all colors and shapes, she offers her knowledge, know-how, and self-potted items and also makes very individual items according to your wishes and with a personal touch. For those who might enjoy taking pottery courses on a trip, the friendly owner offers fun courses as well as accommodation in a nice furnished apartment.

Dinner at Mango Tree Restaurant

The Mango Tree Restaurant is located inside the Stonefield Villa Resort. It’s found just on the other side of Soufriere and provides a view of Petit Piton from a different angle. Stonefield Villa Resort has a fancier feeling than the Green Fig and doesn’t overlook Soufriere itself, which makes it quieter with more of a remote feeling.

Mango Tree Restaurant

It’s a stunning setting, overlooking the water at sunset with Petit Piton looming right beside you. The Mango Tree has a more formal atmosphere than Saltfish, but I felt that the food was not at a fine dining level. The meals are good, but nothing special considering the expense. 

The view alone makes it worth the trip, although once the sun sets you can’t see anything. So make sure you arrive on the early side of the evening to enjoy the view and sunset. It’s easy to get wifi almost everywhere, so calling for a taxi driver on WhatsApp is simple, or if you’re using a car rental, park it in one of the parking spots. 

Visit Moule a Chique Lighthouse

The Moule a Chique, which translates as mussel is located at the southernmost point of St. Lucia and is considered one of the highest lighthouses in existence. You shouldn’t miss this breathtaking view of the whole southern part of St. Lucia up to the 2 Pitons in the northern direction.

Moule A Chique Lighthouse

if you’re staying in Vieux Town, the lighthouse is a short drive by cab or rental car. The road there is well-developed and you can stop again and again on the way to the lighthouse and enjoy the beautiful view. Of course, a hike to the lighthouse from the nearby Sandy Beach is also possible if you’re up for a challenge. Expect a good hour of running time for one direction.

You can see in the eastern direction the Maria Islands (the 2 small islands that are nature reserves) and can see with good visibility of St. Vincent, the southern neighboring island of St. Lucia.

Rodney Bay & Pigeon Island

We spent a day driving around to the northern end of St. Lucia from Soufriere up to Castries and on to Rodney Bay and Pigeon Island National Park. Then across to the opposite coast and around the bottom of the island and then back up to the resort. 

Pigeon Island

We took our time and made lots of stops. The first stop was Castries, which is a busy, crowded city that wasn’t our scene but was still worth checking out. There are some tourist shops and markets catering to cruise ship passengers, but they seem to have similar items. I think that if you want to check out the city in depth, you should book a local tour guide to show you around as it’s a bit overwhelming.

Lunch at Sea Salt in Rodney Bay is delicious and it provides a nice breeze on the marina. I had a salad with grilled fish and my husband had a burger. The setting is relaxing and the service was excellent. 

We passed many of the hotels that we had read about before we came to the island and were glad that we were staying in Soufriere with the Pitons. It’s a more suitable area for us but other travelers might enjoy Castries and the northern part of St. Lucia better. 

The water at Pigeon Island National Park was much rougher but quite beautiful to see. The coastline is very dramatic there, and you can have a picnic and enjoy the crashing waves on one side of the park or the tranquil waters on the opposite shore. Some ruins of an old military base in the park are quite beautiful and offer great photo opportunities. 

Pigeon Island

After leaving Pigeon Island, you can drive south back towards Castries before cutting over east to Dennery. This part of the drive was by far our favorite. The road is actually quite nice here since it’s wider and smooth. The ferns and other plants were enormous, and it was the lushest greenery I’ve ever seen in my life.  

When we got out to the east coast, we stopped at the overlook in Dennery. It’s quite a beautiful sight and while we were stopped, the prime minister drove by! The entire drive and stops took about eight hours, so plan an entire day to check out a different side of St. Lucia. It was a full day with lots of different vistas and gives you a better sense of the island as a whole.

Dennerys Lookout

ATV Tour

An ATV tour is the perfect way to end or start your vacation in St. Lucia. One of the recommended tours in St. Lucia is with Island ATV which is owned by Mystic Man and is based on his beautiful estate. Our guide, Courtney, was incredibly accommodating and patient with us. He ensured we were comfortable with the bikes before heading out on the trail. 

Island ATV Tours

The tour takes you to places on the island that can’t be seen by car. You can see an abandoned French sugar mill from the 1700s and black sand beaches that are a result of the volcano on the island. 

We drove our ATVs through water, up inclines, and on the beach, and they made sure we saw a variety of landscapes. There was no power steering on the ATVs, so it was much more physical than I expected but that was all part of the fun. This adventure was a close runner-up for the most fun thing to do in St. Lucia.

Island ATV blacksand beach

Lunch at Serenity Escape

This is a casual restaurant on the main road south of Soufriere. It’s a family-run business and the food has a home-cooked taste. The meals were quite excellent and not expensive at all. I highly recommend this if you are out exploring the area around Soufriere. We both enjoyed the homemade chicken creole.

Go Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding in St Lucia

The vast and unspoiled nature of the beautiful beaches and hilly landscape in the background of St. Lucia lend themselves to amazing horseback riding excursions.

There are several horseback riding tour providers scattered around the island. In the north of St.Lucia, “Doreś Riding Stable” offers wonderful eventful tours on horseback. You can combine horseback riding and the real reggae feeling. 

The tour takes you along the northwest coast first along the very beautiful Gros Islet Beach at Rodney Bay and ends in the iconic Caribbean Irie Bar in Gros Islet with pure authentic Raggea, optional with drinks and food.

In the impressive and secluded bays of Donkey Bay and Cas en Bas, on the northeast side of the island, a combined horse and buggy tour is also offered, which certainly has its own special charm.

There is also the possibility of booking breathtaking horseback riding tours in the southwest area of St. Lucia. Tropical Experiences for Adventurous Souls near Choiseul offers simultaneous riding in fresh and salt water. A horseback riding trip that leads you to the beautiful Piaye Beach, with simultaneous swimming in the crystal clear Piaye River, which flows directly into the turquoise sea there.

With Atlantic Shores Riding Stables, all riders of any skill level can go horseback riding through the breathtaking landscape of St. Lucia and its hinterland and beaches. If you’ve never had the experience of riding on a long and pristine Caribbean beach, you can enjoy this family-friendly activity that takes you to Honeymoon Beach. 

Sunset Cruise

St. Lucia has beautiful sunsets that can be seen with a sunset cruise. Sunset cruise tours depart from the popular areas on the island and ours departed from Soufriere, just beyond the beach park. You can see the Pitons from the water and we even got a rainbow after a brief shower. 

Sunset Cruise Tour

We both just loved the landscape of St. Lucia and couldn’t get enough of the vistas. The catamaran was very comfortable, and they served rum or beer with some appetizers and snacks as part of the package. It was nice to meet the other guests on board as everyone was from different places and people were sharing their island experiences. 

Dennery For Viewpoints/Ziplining

Dennery is a relatively large, typical Caribbean fishing village located on the east coast with a lot of flair. The drive there always goes along the beautiful, well-built road, partly very rugged Atlantic coast.

Dennery Viewpoint

Shortly before you reach Dennery, there is a beautiful viewpoint on the right side. Just make a short stop there for a wonderful view of the whole wide bay of Dennery. Two local snack bars offer you little insights into Caribbean cuisine. You can linger on comfortable seats and enjoy the fresh breeze overlooking Dennery.

If you’re in the mood for ziplining, the closest adventure park is Treetop Adventure Park just outside Dennery. There, you can expect the zipline adventure through the rainforest, which is just one of the many things for adventure seekers. Biking and hiking are also offered and you can see the Errard Falls.

Dinner at Orlando’s

Orlando’s is just across the street from Soufriere Beach Park, so it’s an easy walk from the hotel. Orlando’s is a really interesting restaurant that has incredible food and service but not much of a view. You’re dining in the chef’s home and overlooking the street if you happen to be by the window. The five-course meal was innovative and delicious and Orlando came to meet each table. He was gracious and you can tell that his restaurant is a real labor of love.

Car Rental

We rented a car from First Choice, and the representative met us in the arrivals hall of the airport when we landed. He had the car there for us, and we did the transaction inside the vehicle and were on our way in no time. 

Personally, I didn’t find driving in St. Lucia to be that much of a challenge, but I have previous experience driving on the other side in Barbados, Ireland, and Scotland so it’s not a big deal for me. The island’s roads have some steep inclines with switchbacks and some large potholes so take it slow. 

The locals will just go around you. I felt that the other drivers were patient and relaxed and never experienced road rage or aggression from local drivers when we were out and about. Tourists are welcome here!

Where To Stay in St. Lucia

We decided to stay in Soufriere, as that area of the island has all of the things that interest us the most, with nature, hiking, beautiful scenery, and outdoor activities. However, you can read this complete guide to truly learn about all the areas to stay in St. Lucia.

We chose the Green Fig Resort & Spa because it looked so enchanting, nestled up in the hills overlooking the town. 

Green Fig View

We had read that the hotel had more of a bohemian feel, which appealed to us, and the Green Fig lived up to that description. I can’t begin to describe how much we loved this hotel. The staff is warm and welcoming, the grounds are so beautiful without a sterile cookie-cutter look, and the view is unbelievable. 

I never got tired of gazing at the Pitons! We had a private balcony off our room where we could sit and relax with a direct view of Petit Piton. The restaurant at the hotel, Saltfish, is very good. My favorite meal was the catch of the day, and my husband really enjoyed the green curry with fish. 

The included breakfast was a bit light – fruit and toast – so we added something more substantial to it each morning. You can dine here if you’re not a hotel guest, and there is free parking on site. Just make reservations a day or two ahead and enjoy the view!

Us at Seashells
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