Vigie Beach

Vigie Beach

Vigie Beach is one of the first pieces of evidence that St. Lucia is nothing short of a beautiful paradise. The Beach hugs the George F.L. Charles Airport runway and is within walking distance of Pointe Seraphine, where the cruise ships dock.

Visitors to Vigie Beach come for the laid-back vibes along this long stretch of pristine, well-kept golden sand and the chance for plane spotting closer to the airport. It’s a great place to stop when you arrive on the island or before you head off to your next destination.

How To Get to Vigie Beach

Vigie beach with tree in view

If you arrive in St. Lucia via airplane to the George F.L. Charles Airport, you will be able to walk through the terminal and be footsteps away from Vigie Beach to the north, just across Peninsular Road.

Those who came in on a cruise ship to Pointe Seraphine can opt for a short walk that takes about a half hour or a five-minute taxi ride. We recommend taking a taxi ride.

You can arrange transportation just outside the port, but if you decide to walk, you’ll have the chance to visit more nearby attractions along the way. It will all depend on how much time you have available to explore the island.

Beach Facilities

There are vendors and shops on the east side of Vigie Beach, which give you the opportunity to use the facilities if need be. On the west side of Vigie Beach, you can find Eugeny’s Place and Jackie’s Exquisite Bar to grab a bite and drink steps from the water.

If you drive in, there is ample parking all along the west end, across the road from the airport. This includes a dedicated lot and a few roadside spaces as well. Be sure to keep an eye out for any signs indicating a no-parking zone. 

Fortunately, finding a parking spot is pretty easy most times of the day. Many of the visitors to Vigie Beach will be passing through, getting a ride, or walking.

Vigie beach facilities and parking in background

Beach Activities

You can have any kind of beach day you want here. Visitors can rent anything they need from the vendors located directly on the beach. Pick up a couple of beach chairs and a beach umbrella for a relaxing day.

If you are into aviation, it’s a prime viewing location to check out all of the planes landing and taking off from the international airport which is within eyeshot of every corner of Vigie Beach. There aren’t planes at all times but the skies are clear so there is plenty of opportunities to watch all the incoming planes making their approach. 

Stick around Vigie Beach for a truly spectacular sunset as it passes over the Vigie Peninsula and the sky blazes in a dazzling display of fiery colors.

If you want to charter any kind of watercraft, a helicopter tour of St. Lucia, or a photography tour you’ll be near Castries. It’s a central location in St. Lucia to book any kind of activity. 

Nearby Attractions

There are many places to eat and stay on the east side of Vigie Beach. The proximity to Pointe Seraphine ensures travelers are near things food and drink-wise.

If you’re looking to do some snorkeling, you will be a 10-20 minute car ride from some of the best snorkeling spots in St. Lucia. While this specific beach isn’t really a good spot for snorkeling, it’s close to other amazing places. Be sure to check out Reduit Beach, Pigeon Island National Park, or Smuggler’s Cove to be treated to some of the best underwater viewings around the entire Caribbean.

Castries is very close to Vigie Beach and if you are into architecture and historical places, check out The Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. This stunning and colorful church is a testament to the resilience of the people of St. Lucia. Definitely worth a visit if you want to immerse yourself better in the local culture.

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